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"Improving breathing empowers all physical activities!"

"Observe Zi's natural, simple, and effective method of breath discipline.  Zi is a fervent practitioner of Chi Kung, weaving together the best of Eastern and Western cultures and created chi yi, which literally means "the art of breathing," a new and simple way to acquire a sound breathing technique


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“ Loong Gong ”
The dragon ( ), a mythical creature that represents ferocity, power and magnificence, was the symbol of the emperors throughout ancient Chinese history. Legend has it that The Dragon Discipline was created by Chi Gong masters exclusively for royalties, for their maintenance of good health, longevity and virility. This set of choreographed movements consists of seven segments, each depicting a graceful sea dragon frolicking in the ocean: the dragon awakens and shakes – surfaces – roars – searches – plays ball – swims - and submerges.
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“ Yuen Chi Gong”
In Chi Gong practice, chi represents the basic vital energy of mankind and the universe. It is vital to our well-being and for sustaining all human activities. The Primal Chi Discipline bolsters and nurtures “primal chi,” which is the built-in vitality that each person is born with. Imagine primal chi as an inner battery; unless we recharge its power through proper breathing, exercises, nutrition, and other healthy activities, this chi will dwindle rapidly, and our physical, mental and emotional health will suffer. This Discipline consists of eight choreographed segments, each being repeated three times. Vocal sound for Segment 1 is "Hmmm." Vocal sound for Segment 2 is "Pah." Vocal sound for Segment 3 is "Hey." Vocal sound for Segment 7 is "Breathe--- (stop), to--- (stop), the---(stop), core---(stop), and re---(stop), lax---(stop). Tis---(stop), the---(stop), way---(stop), to---(stop), gain---(stop), Chi---(stop), Yi---(stop).




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