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The following are links (in alphabetical order) to sites which could be beneficial to anyone seeking healthy alternatives in life:

Air-Water-Purifiers.net: Your one stop shop for commercial and residential air and water filtration products. Specializing in  Biozone brand products!

Alexandertechnique.com: A comprehensive guide to this century-old method of learning how to release harmful tension from your body.

Breath-Dynamics.Com: Offering Transformational Breathing, around Georgia and the Southeast US. Taught by Stephen Gooby.

BreathWork.be: "Breathe to release old emotions and pain in order to live a fuller, happier, more loving life. The site has information and exercises."

ConqueringStress.com: Conquer Stress, Depression, Panic & Anxiety! Real help for people who want to conquer stress, depression or anxiety quickly, naturally and permanently.

DCMassageTherapies.Com: Northern Virginia and DC Massage Therapists.

Houston Chiropractic Care: For optimum health through spinal adjustments without surgery, call the Houston, TX Chiropractic office of Dr. Neal Robinson @ (713) 956-5855.

Stress Management Techniques: Stress management techniques and how to recognize and reduce stress, solutions to make life more positive and productive.

Stress Relief Exercises: Relieving Stress Through Exercise - Aerobics, Stretching Exercises, Deep Breathing, and more.

Stress Relief Through Breathing: I recommend a site devoted to immediate stress relief through proper breathwork at www.stop-anxiety-attack-symptoms.com. Proper breathing technique for control of many stress-related problems is shared  in a personal and understandable fashion.

Stress-relief-choices.com: Stress Relief Choices is both a resource for stress management information: from how to meditate, to what exercises to do, and a training company specializig in offering workshops on stress reduction and well-being.

TheLastResortPa.com: The Last Resort Panama is a private drug and alcohol rehab dedicated to helping addicts and  alcoholics in need of recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis and occurring disorders.

The Spiritual Key.Com : A Transformational Awakening to Consciousness.

TransformationalBreath.com: Transformational Breath Foundation's official website.  Read about Dr. Judith Kravitz.  Order books and CDs, etc.  Find out where trainings are held in the US and abroad.

TransformationsUSA.Com: Presents a combination of ancient and modern holistic breathwork techniques.

Wainwright House: Wainwright House is the oldest, non-profit, nonsectarian holistic education center in the United States. click here for Zi workshops.

White-Noise-Machines.com: Provides ratings, reviews and information about white noise machines, like the Marpac Sleep  Mate, to help you mask unwanted sound, relax and fall asleep naturally.

WisdomAndHealth.Com: At Last - Beat Stress, Headaches & Neck and Back Pain! - Our health products and unique information will help you reach your optimal health!